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A New Experience

of Yoga

with the




Yoga in Nicaragua

Profound and magical Yoga Retreats with beginners, advanced and teacher training programs

Receive the tools for a fulfilled and content life, inside and out.
Come and escape the treadmill. Recharge, rewind, and discover a new you.
We are not just a retreat center, but a school, where you will intricately learn about your Body, Mind and Emotions.
Come and join us for a fabulous journey of transformation.

♥ Get access to knowledge not readily available in the Yoga World


The Academy was founded to give students a place to deeply study Yoga and it's spiritual teachings

  • If you are bored by Yoga Fast Food


  • If you are missing depth to your existing classes or practice


  • If you have been hurt by Yoga or


  • If you simply need a meaningful get away with deep relaxation


Then the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram is for you.

Remember what life is really all about, and leave with tools to take it all home

Profoundly spiritual,

Yet down to earth and practical

Direct, deep and highly transformational


Join us for a wonderful combination of

  • Inspiring Yoga Practice
  • Fascinating Workshops
  • Life changing Lectures/Satsang
  • Practical, Real, down to Earth teachings
  • Maximum group size 6 students, for great teacher student ratio
  • Fully Individualized Attention
  • Working with every student personally in a deep and committed way (physically, mentally and emotionally)

All our Programs embrace

  • The experience Applied Yoga Anatomy
  • Take home Practical Yoga Life Philosophy
  • Breath (Pranayama), for practice and life
  • Meditation, for everyday

As well as

  • Lifestyle
  • Relationship and communication
  • Diet
  • Mental and Emotional Health (Playfully let go of intense Thoughts and Emotions)
  • Being Now and Present (Practical and Real ways to apply this into everyday life)
  • Intuition, and much more

Continuous Q&A time

Allows you to ask all the questions you ever wanted to ask about Yoga and all our classes and taught subjects.

It’s a truly comprehensive and enjoyable program.

Our phenomenal nature setting sends you into relaxation and that much needed get-away.


We have five distinct groups we work with

Personal Transformation

Self Discovery and Re Discovery

Fix your Body after Yoga hurt you

Learn Yoga specifically designed for your Body. Undo damage done, proceed safely and knowledgeable about what is good for You.

Complete Beginner

Learn the Yogic system of moving and being systematically from the bottom up, and get a great start to your new life with Yoga

Advanced students and established teachers

Update, explore and be inspired. Be amazed by what you did not know about Yoga. Transform your practice or take your teachings to the next level

For Everyone

Profoundly deepen your practice on a physical, philosophical and spiritual level

All groups are expertly catered for within the same retreat, by an experienced multi-level teacher


The AYA Difference


Access to a seasoned experienced teacher

Have you ever wanted to work directly with an authentic experienced senior teacher? Somebody to guide you, hold your hand and show you the way? YOUR way?

An advanced way of teaching

For all teachings, you will learn how to practice, what the effects are and why, as well as how to integrate into daily life. Asana, philosophy and yogic practices.

Access to new and inspiring knowledge

Explore the old deeper, be inspired by the new, and discover a fascinating, unexpected and mostly unknown side of Yoga. A Yoga that encompasses all of life.

We create new magic in your life

Experience profound, in depth, and life changing teachings, with the tool kit to live it fully once you leave the Ashram. Come and find your new beginning.

Everybody welcome, any level, style, size, age or gender. We teach variations specifically designed for you

Our Programs

pink lotus flower on river in thailand
Life Changing Transformational Retreat Program, 21 days

Body, Mind and Emotions

Explore and experience yourself like never before. Take your practice and life to the next level. Take part in amazing workshops, listen to incredible lectures and practice Yoga designed for your body.

Spring Season 2020: 3-23st of January and 1-21st February and Winter Season 2020: 1st-21st November

All inclusive, with private accommodation $2700, All levels welcome.          Find out more

lotus 6
Intensive Yoga Teacher Training, 60 Days full-time
The Teacher Training with a Big Difference. Practice teaching every day and leave an experienced teacher.

Full-time, 200 hours contact hours, plus 200 extra hours of self-practice, study and class preparation time, totaling an incredible 400 hours of yoga related study

1st March–30th April, 1st July–30th August 2020. $3998 all inclusive, with private accommodation

Discounts for early birds, 200 hr Yoga Alliance certified.          Find out more

pink butterfly lotus
10 day Yoga Intensive
Change your (yoga) world in 10 days

Our popular 21 day retreat packed into 10 days. Learn as much as possible in a short time.

This is truly a whirlwind roller coaster into the world of Yoga. Be prepared to be swept away with this magical retreat.

May 16-26 and 6-16 December 2020. All inclusive, with private accommodation $1600. Book early to secure your space.

Also bookable for Private groups. Minimum 6 Students. 6 hours of practice and study time daily. Contact us for availability.          Find out more

Weekend Xian Yoga Intensives
“Powerful experience”
“Transform your existing practice”

(Two days, two nights, all inclusive, private accomodation $399)

Next dates: 28-29 November 2020 (Arrive Friday 27th pm, leave Sunday 29th at 5pm. Additional night available on request)

Also bookable for private groups. Minimum 6 students.          Find out more

golden lotus 2
Do you want Xian to yourself for two whole days? 100% private personalized attention. For You Only.

We can discuss and tailor your stay here exactly to what you are looking for.

These Personal Programs are available in the months of May, June, September and October 2020. Contact us for prices and availability.          Find out more

We are a Yoga Alliance YACEP (Continued Education Provider)

Our 3 week retreats and our Teacher training, fulfill the 10 contact and 20 non-contact hours, our weekend retreat the 10 contact hour requirements.

lotus 2
Soon to Come:


courses, workshops, private coaching, mentorship and trainings

Our Style of Yoga


XianYoga is an unexpected, inspiring new approach to understanding the Body, which will transform your Yoga practice forever; no matter your experience or style.

Even though our style is Hatha Yoga, students can easily apply XianYoga principles to their preferred style or practice.

We do not teach a standard Yoga class everyday,

But we teach Yoga

XianYoga tweaks postures

 In just the slightest way, to create complete openness of your body, breath and energy lines. It’s a tangible experience you can actively feel in your body. It’s fabulous!

Do you want to understand exactly what you are doing and why?

How arm, foot or neck positions can affect the alignment of the entire body and completely change the feel and effectiveness of a posture? As well as restrict or open breath and energy flow?

Are you excited about the Body?

* Do you want to learn and experience fascinating applied anatomy?
* Do you want to learn about and feel the fascinating intricacies of every posture?
* How your bone structure and physical proportions affect how Yoga postures feel to you, as well as look, probably even more than your flexibility?
* And how your practice can change for the better taking this knowledge into account?

Did you know...

That the way yoga postures are taught, mostly crunch the spine and can actually cause everyday discomfort, as well as long term issues?

Important aspects of our Physical Practice

(Please click on the boxes to see content)


Body personalized variations Workshops – Explore your Body

We are all different. Yoga poses simply cannot be taught generically for everybody.
This is not about size, flexibility or level, this is about personalized attention for you, and us finding out together what is best for your specific body structure.


Pain Academy with a professional Alignment Coach

A lot of muscle pain (back and other parts of the body) is alignment related and can often be resolved quickly through professional and
individualized re-alignment. Yoga practice specific, as well as every day life related.


Knee, Lower Back and Neck School

Ensure your postures are discomfort and pain free, and do not cause future harm.


Non-westernised (dummified) practices

Join us on an exciting adventure through the ways of Yoga, Body, Mind, Emotions, the Power of Breath, What and Why of all practices, History and Philosophy - the way they were actually taught. Our teachings are thorough and whole. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.


Never close/crunch one side of the body to open another.

Triconasana (Triangle), to stretch the right side, close/crunch the left. Cobra, open chest, crunch back. Always the need for a counter stretch. Here you will learn how to keep the ENTIRE body completely open. Always. No crunching or closing. Ever.


De-mystifying Tension or stretch

You’d be surprised, how often what we think is a stretch, is actually tension. And... you can't stretch a tense muscle...


We understand energy and alignment! Complete and full journey in and out of postures.

Stay fully present and physically correctly aligned to keep energy lines wide open, in a posture, but also on the way in and out. Constant conscious awareness of the precision of your movements... it's a powerful way to experience Yoga. Yoga will never feel the same. In an amazing way.


Full un-restricted breath in EVERY posture

Surprisingly, most Yoga postures restrict breath and therefore Prana. Here you will learn to link breath with EVERY movement, experiencing alignment which supports the opening of your breath. All inviting that glorious Prana like never before.




How to choose your Program at the AYA Academy


Retreat Programs

Many students attend retreats solely to pursue a daily Yoga practice in exotic surroundings.

Our retreat programs are different

Our Programs are designed for LEARNING and profoundly DEEPENING your practice,

while still having the time to relax, rewind and reconnect.


Teacher Trainings

Many trainings focus on practicing Yoga and learning theory.

In our Teacher Training we focus on learning and immediate daily practice of teaching, having learned the Art of Teaching.

A great Yogi, is not necessarily a great teacher. Teaching Students to become teachers, is an art form altogether different from just doing Yoga or teaching Yoga classes. Here at AYA, we know how to guide students into becoming excellent teachers within two months, because we are Yogis, teachers AND teachers teachers. We know how to allow you to embody The Art of Teaching, and take it home with you, without the need  of notes.

In our Exclusive 60 intensive training. 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified, plus 200 extra study, practice and class preparation hours, totalling 400hrs yoga related study.


Our mission summarized

And of course guiding excellent teachers into being that represent and embody our teachings

Come and join us at the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram

Come and join us on a journey through our Ashram


AYA aims to give you the best possible learning experience, a great environment and a fabulous peer group.

Please enjoy the following video


Our Students' Testimonials



We prepare with love, expertise and the right tools. We experience profoundly, sit to let it all sink in, and finally take the renewed energy with us into our every day life.  Just like an excellent meal.

What is yoga?


Yoga is Union. Union of the body, mind and emotions in the Now, through movement.

Yoga is moving meditation. Constant conscious awareness on every movement, coupled with a breathing rhythm that supports each element of a posture.


What is Meditation?


Meditation requires the complete cesation of mental and emotional movement

How can you apply this in your every day life? Here you will learn and experience all that. Or, if you wish, you will learn to teach it.


Yoga in Nicaragua with the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram