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Does 'modern' Yoga harm the Body?


Many practitioners, as well as teachers, have never questioned what they have been taught


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There is so much to know and magically experience with each posture.
Understand where you are harming your body, now or for the future, and learn the AHIMSA way.
Transform the postures you didn’t understand or liked, into your favorites and make your existing favorites even more spectacular!

Yoga based on over 25yrs experience

Hi, I’m Xian, I am the founder of the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram. Our Yoga here is based on over 25 year experience of Yoga and extensive study of the philosophical, spiritual, as well as physical disciplines of Yoga, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, of China, Japan, India, Tibet and Thailand, as well as Circus Arts, Acrobatics, Trapeze, Belly Dancing, AcroYoga, Stretching and many other subjects. I researched, in depth experimented and practiced for countless hours many, many years. All together, they have led me to question the way Yoga is being taught.
Over time I developed a SIMPLE, LOGICAL, yet UNIQUELY INSPIRING new approach that changes postures in sometimes just the smallest way, TRANSFORMING the way you will ever think about YOGA!
I realized that ‘modern’ Yoga can actually harm the body, and on top of that, can actually feel waaaay better than you might already feel. Many practitioners, as well as teachers are unaware of this.

The way Yoga is taught today

The way Yoga is mostly taught in the world, the spine is crunched in nearly every single posture! Vertebrae crunch on the disks in between and can cause the wearing down, slipping or other damage of these disks. Some postures even cause double crunching, for example if we do a turn and a forward bend at the same time (knowingly in a posture, or unknowingly due to wrong hip alignment – you show me the yogi that can truly keep their hips facing forward in a low triangle…)
Often when we do a pose, we open one side, but to do so, we crunch/close another. For example, a forward bend. You open your back, but crunch your front body, lungs and spine. In Triconasana (Triangle) towards the right, you stretch and open your left, but close/crunch the right.
This simple logical fact is usually unknown, or ignored. We just do a counter-balance posture. To me this sounds like it’s ok to crunch and energetically close one side, because we stretch it afterwards. We have just crunched our back in a deep back bend but that’s ok, because we now do a forward bend? Which also doesn’t make any sense, as the counter posture just came at the expense of the other side again… In my world counter postures are not necessary, as in XianYoga we don’t crunch anything in the first place.

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of it

Did You Know...?


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That you might not be aware of a crunch in the spine?

  • That you might be seriously crunching your spine, and the disks in between, in every single posture you do, even if you can’t obviously feel it?
  • That you might closing/crunching your body, spine, lungs and energy lines on one side to open up another?
  • That what you think is a sensation of a stretch might actually be tension? And that you cannot at all/or effectively stretch a tense muscle?
  • That the way twists are taught crunch the lower spine, but do not achieve elongation and rotation of the ENTIRE SPINE?
  • That the way back bends are done completely and utterly crunch the disks in between the vertebrae and do not achieve a full chest opening?
  • That I yet have to meet somebody that actually has scoliosis? That most ‘scoliosis’ can be fixed by postural re-alignment in a few minutes?
  • That you are seriously compromising knee and ankle health in your practice?

That even postures you love can still feel soooo much better?

  • That you can not take a FULL and completely UNRESTRICTED BREATH in every posture? Try it.
  • That wrong hip alignment creates a curve in your spine that is completely counterproductive to the stretch you’re trying to do, and which is not healthy for your spine? It’s very hard to tell, unless you know what you are looking for.
  • That many Yogis have back pain during the day, or pain/discomfort during their practice, and do more Yoga to alleviate it, not realizing that it’s actually their Yoga that is causing the pain?
  • That you could be compromising spinal health for your later years?
  • Are you 100% sure EXACTLY where to feel the stretch? And that if only slightly misaligned, you actually stretch a completely different muscle or straining a body part?
  • Do you have an understanding EXACTLY what the point of a posture is? You might be surprised…
  • That most of your body is inactive during a posture? And therefore has not energy in it?

That there is so much to know about each posture?

  • Do you a way to prepare yourself for a more advanced posture, that does not involve ‘just doing the posture over and over’?
  • That you might be pretzeling yourself into postures your body isn’t ready for, compromising your joints or spine? That it might be way better to understand how to effectively prepare and open your body with other postures and then just effortlessly ‘slip’ into the challenging posture?
  • That just linking the breathing cycle with transitions between postures, does not support opening the body? That our Triangle (Triconasana) can have 3 in and out breaths just to get INTO the posture? Each breath being specifically linked to an opening movement of the posture?
  • That a headstand does not have to take weight on the head at all, leaving the neck completely comfortable?
  • That many stretches are fake stretches? ie. thinking you can go deeply into a posture, but you actually compensate with a different body part?

That you can transform your practice, no matter your level?

  • That tensing the butt cheeks in back bends (to protect the lower back) creates tension in the lower spine and belly? Areas you actually want to stretch?
  • That when you push your heels into the ground in Down Dog, that you are engaging the legs muscles, which means you can’t stretch them?
  • That hyper-extended knees during your practice as well as every day life can cause lower back pain?
  • Can you sit effortlessly and COMFORTABLY cross-legged for ½ hour or more? If not, would you like to learn how to sit?

That’s quite a list… isn’t it? That’s only the beginning too…


alleviates all of the above and so much more.


There is a jewel in the lotus

Let us show you


To find that jewel in your Yoga practice…

you have to notice first, that what you have just read above means, that half your body is always suffering, and that half of your energy lines are never fully open.
Restricted like that, postures do NOT feel absolutely fabulous, but instead they often inhibit the breath, create discomfort or even pain (be honest, go through your asanas and check, are they all fabulous?). Even if the crunching of the disks might not be felt straight away, or even ever, for some of us, over time, the problems can become apparent. Spinal disk issues are not reversible through natural means. Therefore prevention is vital.
Once we point out the crunching/closing of the body, the sensation that goes with it, and our students really learn to pay attention, they can feel it. They wonder how they never realized before. Many practitioners have back pain and never realize that it is actually Yoga that is causing it.

Yoga becomes a new open and wonderful experience for those who used to feel discomfort.

And becomes a revelation for those, that never noticed it.

The Normal Spine

Image result for crunching disks in the spine image



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(not everybody gets these serious issues, but even small damage over time can cause discomfort or pain during the practice or everyday life.)

Full, Open, comfortable, fabulous feeling postures, no matter your age


The Difference of XianYoga

With XianYoga you will learn to to keep your ENTIRE BODY OPEN in EVERY single posture, where you NEVER CLOSE a side. No crunching or closing whatsoever, NO pain! Only fullness, opening and unrestricted breaths.
This is achieved by tweaking the alignment of traditional postures, through elongation, spiraling and many other little tricks. You will learn how to go into a posture and come out of it while maintaining the energy flow and body open on both sides. Going into and coming out of a posture is a conscious, connected journey of energetic alignment. When you understand that, you will revolutionize your practice, no matter what style of yoga you usually practice.
With XianYoga settle for nothing less than absolutely fabulous! Once you have felt the OPENNESS you can achieve through XianYoga, you’ll never go back.

This is not a new Style of Yoga, but relearning and experiencing what Yoga was always meant to be!

Beginners, advanced and established teachers welcome. On Xian’s mat everyone flows to the next level!


Come, learn, and submerge yourself in a world of Yoga you always hoped to be real, but never dreamed to find


If Yoga is ancient wisdom, how can we question it?


Maybe it's not so ancient...

Many old time yogis think they know it all… so did I until….. I found some new information. Information that I was not taught in any of my many, many classes or even in my teacher training…
And once I knew this, it explained why Yoga, the way it’s being taught, is not the kind and gentle body loving exercise system that I thought it to be. (I’m not talking about a gentle way of doing Yoga, but about the effect it has on the body).
The physical side of Yoga is actually a very young art form. We are in fact only really 2-3rd generation Yogis, religiously following a system that was not initially designed to be gentle and nourishing to the body, but solely to create strength and flexibility.
To explain why this is the case, let me tell you a little history of Yoga. The physical side of Yoga is not ancient as you might have been led to believe, but is in fact less than 130 years old.  Its roots are based in an exercise system for the Danish Army. Yes. It is true. Many Yogis, including teachers are not aware of this.
Only slowly are Yoga teachers allowing themselves to question and adjust ‘previously thought to be ancient’ postures, and create new approaches that are truly healthful to the body, spine, energy and breath, as much as the mind and soul.
With XianYoga I point out the common misunderstandings in postures, the areas where students often cause damage knowingly (as they feel discomfort) or unknowingly. I’ve taught anyone from complete beginners, to 40 year seasoned yogis, as well as long standing teachers, who thought their Yoga felt great, until I pointed out a few small details…
After they implemented a few tiny changes here and there, they were speechless. The responses I usually get are: How come this is not taught anywhere? I can’t believe I didn’t know this. I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out. I will never be able to go to a normal yoga class again and see all those closed bodies. I have been damaging my spine for years!

Come and learn with us. Discover the REAL MAGIC of Yoga