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Please note that THE OFFERINGS ON THIS WEBSITE ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE at the ashram, but are now part of my 7 months online,

1 on 1 personal Yoga coaching program YOGAMASTER.info

I realized that with the Ashram I could not reach enough students with my teachings, and that the Yoga world truly, truly needs them. I have therefore changed my program from ashram based to a program that is accessible to all at anytime, anywhere.

I am happy to offer to the entire world of Yoga:

The only fully comprehensive,
fully structured, step-by step, further Yoga Education and Transformational

on-line Yoga Coaching Program
in the world.

This extraordinary program is exceptional, outstanding and truly unique in content and execution.

It is of the utmost finest quality,

giving access to publicly unavailable information,
allowing real authentic personal experience and transformation.

Truly deepen your practice without or after
YTT Yoga teacher training.

Private mentoring, fully personalized approach.

Made by a Yogi for Yogis, coming 100% from and through the Yogic path.

This is the real deal.


If you are curious, I’m happy to have a chat with you to answer any of your questions and to see if you are the right fit for this fantastic adventure into the exquisiteness that Yoga was always meant to be.

Please join my private Facebook group – Truly Deepen your Yoga Practice without/after YTT teacher training where I regularly post fascinating information and practices.


I’ll see you soon!

With love




Please see below for what to consider before you write to us.

Thank you.


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When you write to us...

When you write to us please make sure to tell us a little about yourself, what you love doing, what you feel you can share of you.
Also please let us know the exact dates when you would like to join us, and which Program you would like to take.

If you have space in your suitcase

If you come from another country, let us know, we always love foreign goodies, food, spices and seeds, good Himalayan salt, seeds…. Please ask us what we need or surprise us :o)

Social Media

You are welcome to share our website on Facebook, other social media, with your friends and fellow travellers. If you can recommend any good places or websites for us to advertise on, please let us know.


Location of the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram


We are about 7 km outside of San Rafael Del Sur, 15 km from Masachapa and Pochomil beach, Western Central Nicaragua (see the red dot on the map). Please note that we are in San RAFAEL del Sur, not San JUAN del Sur.

The nearest village to us is San Pablo (3.5km on a beautiful nature packed dirt road, ca 45 min walk). It’s a tiny local town with super basic necessities.

The next bigger town town, San Rafael Del Sur, is another 3.5 km (5-10 minutes ,10 cordobas, by Rickshaw taxi) from San Pablo. San Rafael Del Sur is a charming local town with an abundant market, all facilities and a PALI supermarket.

Beautiful beaches (Masachapa and Pochomil) are accessible by bus or taxi from San Rafael Del Sur. You’ll be able to visit those on your day off. They are not surf beaches.

The nearest airport is Managua. Depending on where you come from, flights to Costa Rica (Liberia or San Jose) might be significantly cheaper, although further. It’ll require a days journey and a border crossing to get to us. Contact us for more info. If you have a little more time and are not afraid to travel a little, this can be a great option if you are on a budget.




To maintain our Ashram environment private and our transformational space sacred, we do not receive walk-ins. We therefore choose not to make our exact location public on this website.

After a booking is received, we will send out exact directions and travel details.

We ask for your understanding.


The Ahimsa Yoga Ashram is a place of love, devotion and humor

Come, learn, share and play