Yoga Teacher Training 60 days

Magic in the making

The Yoga Teacher Training with a big Difference



60 day full-time intensive Yoga Teacher Training

Practice Teaching Every Day

Fully Personalized, continuous Feedback and Coaching on your teaching

Only 6 students per group for maximum attention

Continued Mentorship after the training

This is a professionally structured, profound transformational program,

for you to truly experience and apply all teachings first to yourself,

then embody the art of teaching to pass it on to your students.

You will be actively involved the entire time.

We have a long proven track record of certifying excellent teachers that are confident and ready to take on any class after graduation with knowledge, ease, grace, style, humor and magic.


200 hrs Yoga Alliance Certified

+ 200hrs self-study, practice and preparation time

=400 hours of yoga related study

All inclusive, with private accommodation $3998


This program will guide you into becoming a highly attractive, sought after and employable teacher.

Your students and employers will respect and thank you for your expertise and versatility, as you will be able to teach excellent classes, alignment workshops, teach pranayama and meditation, give philosophy lectures, teach privates, proficiently answer questions your students might have for you, dissolve discomfort and pain and much much more. Because you really know what you are talking about and what you are doing.

Not just because you know it, but because you have become it!

Your teachings will have a depth that is mostly unknown in today’s yoga world.

Do not settle for being a mediocre, fast food yoga teacher. There are too many already.

Do you want to be an extraordinary, even exceptional teacher?

We have proven over and over that we are able to do this together in 2 powerful months.


Did you know...

Did you know that hardly any yoga training out there actually focuses on ‘making’ you into a teacher? Most TTs are in fact long retreats. Often, you leave with a certificate, yet you have never taught a class! Such new teachers are unable or uncomfortable teaching, and can even hurt their students. Did you know that there are often up to 30 students in a class, leaving little or no room for personal attention?
In our opinion, what makes an excellent teacher? PRACTICE! And in depth personal coaching, with a committed teacher and tiny groups (6 people). That is exactly what we offer here at AYA.
At our TT you will be teaching every day! You will receive personal feedback, corrections, suggestions EVERY DAY.
During your time here you will work on finding your own confident voice and your own personal style.
This full-time 60 day Yoga Teacher Training is 200hr Yoga Alliance certified. Additionally you will complete over 200 extra yoga related study hours (these extra hours are certified but not registerable with Yoga alliance). Making a total of 400 hours of total yoga related studies.
You will leave the training a fully experienced, skilled teacher, who is comfortable to take on any class with ease and grace, no matter your current level or style. That is our promise and the experience of our past students. We have the experience, knowledge and the time to make this happen. We have proven this over and over again. We have countless feedback from our students to support this. You are welcome to talk to them or us at any time. Please book a call with us here.
Come and become a teacher of the quality you might have never met, or you’ve never dreamed you could ever become yourself!
Completely immerse yourself in learning, living and breathing Yoga everyday. For 60 days.
Take your life and practice the next level and learn to pass it on.
Come on an adventure of complete transformation of body, mind and emotions and leave here an inspirational teacher.
Are you ready?
This training is also highly recommended for the Yoga Alliance registered lead teachers and schools that need to upgrade to the 500hr requirements. You will have access to a lot of Yoga related information that is not normally available in commercial retreats, which makes this retreat really stand out as one of a kind.


2 months is enough for a deep transformation to take place. To become a teacher.

A real teacher.


Watch an interview with one of our Teacher Training graduate and see the magical transformation of a complete beginner Yogi to confident, fabulous teacher within 2 month


Come and become a Yoga Teacher of the quality you might have never met, or never dreamed you could ever become yourself!

Take your life and practice the next level and learn to pass it on.


A unique opportunity to really dive deep into the world that is YOGA


Learn to Teach the magical art of Yoga, not just an exercise class



Learn and experience what Yoga was always meant to be!

Become confident to teach a simple, logical, inspiring new approach to understanding the body, which tweaks Yoga postures in sometimes just the slightest magical way, transforming the way your students will experience their bodies; transforming the way you and your students will ever think about Yoga.


Every posture becomes a new revelation through XianYoga

Help your students to explore and understand their Body and Mind, different Yogic techniques, Yoga Philosophy, and leave them inspired. Pass on why Yoga is a wonderful system to a happier more balanced life.


Take your own, and your students’ practice to the next level

The program is designed for you to become a HATHA Yoga teacher, although the principles learned here can be applied to any style of Yoga. Upon leaving here, you will be able you to teach Hatha Yoga classes, but also teach style independent private, one on one alignment classes, as well as alignment workshops for everyone!


Come and find your own voice!

Join us and become a sharer of this powerful life changing knowledge

for more info on our style of Yoga click here 

Experience and learn to teach an inspiring depth of Yoga that is not readily available in most Yoga classes or Teacher Trainings

An Advanced Way of Teaching

The Art of Teaching

A great Yogi, is not necessarily a great teacher. To be a great teacher, you don’t just need more knowledge or more personal Yoga practice.

To be a teacher you need skills and techniques for HOW to teach a class. Then you need to practice. A lot. Learn from your mistakes, and adjust future classes accordingly. This is how we become Masters. Practice.

Here you have the time, guidance and loving support to do that.

Most Teacher Trainings focus on theory

Theory of teaching but no practice, theoretic philosophy, but no life application, theory of adjustments, but no practice, general anatomy, but not practically applied Yoga Anatomy that you will feel with your own body….

Our Teacher Training is different

We focus on learning and immediate daily practice of teaching. Nothing is just theory, everything is practical. You will learn for yourself first, then you will learn HOW to teach what you have learned to a class, who then gives you feedback. After EVERY class.


How do we teach?

How to you become an excellent teacher in such a short time, rather than a note reader?


An Advanced Way of Learning

  • At the XianYoga Yoga Teacher Training, you are not learning a pre-written script to get your students through a class of general movement. But through your own extensive understanding, experience and practice, you are going to innately understand Yoga, and know your own words, in your own voice, to tailor your teachings to the needs of your students.
  • You’ll have applied knowledge readily available in your head for all classes and students Q&A, rather than leave here with a book full of notes to remember.
  • Instead of receiving ready made sequences or templates, you learn how to MAKE them.
  • First YOU learn to apply all principles yourself. From that base you learn to teach. You teach from understanding and experience, rather than from notes.
  • You are not just going to receive lots of lectures and theoretical knowledge about Postures, Yogic Philosophy and Practices, but you will deeply understand each topic, as during these two months you will live what you teach. Like this you shall talk from experience, not just repeat the words of others.
  • You are going to prepare classes and talks on various subjects and practice teaching them.
  • You receive continuous personal feedback from Xian and your fellow students, learn how to make changes to your content, voice, presentation etc., and teach again. You learn through lectures and demonstrations, practice and repetition of your own and by listening others.
  • You teach classes to other students, who will deliberately do things ‘wrong’ so that you can learn how to adjust, tailor your classes to different levels, give variations, adjustments etc.
  • You are going to intrinsically understand how to do a posture, what to avoid, what the purpose of a posture is and what the benefits are. And very importantly, how to adapt it to your own and students’ specific needs, body, ability and level, as well as how to prepare for more challenging postures.
  • It’s going to be a lot of work and ‘putting yourself out there’, but it’s going to be a lot of fun too. The most important thing to know is that nobody can make you into a teacher, only YOU can. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!

It not about becoming somebody else, but about becoming you, about finding your voice,

becoming your voice and then sharing what you love.

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It is simply an incredible training, designed to allow you to





Our Teacher Training


Our students arrive, sometimes unsure of their paths or their yoga practice. They leave shining, confident, full of purpose, direction, love and excitement. Ready and confident to teach.

Through our teaching style and constant personalized attention to our students, asana, practical philosophy, an in depth inspirational approach to applied Yoga anatomy, spiritual lectures, private coaching, group work, and jungle style community living and much more, our students learn to understand their Body and Being in a profound and new way.

They leave empowered to create the life that they choose and find the community that they need.

And last but not least, of course, to leave here ready and confident to pass on the magic to your own future students.

Besides intelligent anatomy based alignment principles, the main focus of our teachings, is on learning to be fully present during the practice (and life), feeling the body fully during each and every movement, as well as full breath consciousness.

Being able to take a full unrestricted breath in every posture and a full conscious journeys into and out of each posture.

As well as techniques to never crunch one side to open another,  and never feel pain or discomfort – just full physical and energetic openness through excellent alignment and awareness.


Be present. On and off the mat.

Take your own practice, as well as your future students' Yoga practice, to the next level


Our Promise to You


When you leave here you will:

  • Understand the principles behind movement and stretching
  • Experience through your own body what it feels like when your body feels absolutely fabulous, when your body is open and your energy channels are open
  • Know what it looks/feels like when your students bodies’ and energy lines are open
  • Be comfortable and competent with the magic of adjusting your students, to ensure no pain, crunching or discomfort
  • Know variations, and be able to develop variations for anyone, to relieve your students discomfort in sitting postures and other challenging asanas
  • Understand how the body works so completely, so that you can apply those principles to any asana, even those we did not discuss
  • By giving you the techniques, tools, experience and practice, for sequencing, you will UNDERSTAND how to develop sequence for any classes you might like to teach. You will be able to put together your own sequences for different lengths, variations to difficult postures, for varying levels, themes as well as ‘Studio Yoga’. You will also be able to intelligently adjust sequences ‘on the fly’ if necessary.
  • You will be able to teach a 10 -15 hour workshop on XianYoga alignment – which is part of our 21 and 10 day Intensive Immersions (principles behind standing, sitting, walking, forward bend, side bend, chest openers, turns and combinations),
  • Philosophy and history workshops,
  • And Bandhas, Mudras, Pranayamas and Meditation.
  • Have gained an intrinsic understanding of how to be a good teacher, from projecting your voice, to holding space, to when to speak and when not, how to teach multiple levels of students in one class, how to weave spiritual themes into your classes and how to get vast amounts of info into one class without overloading your students.
  • You will be able to inspire your students, no matter their experience level or style.
  • You will have taught many, many, many classes
  • and much more… see below for a link to the detailed course content.

I'm a Complete Beginner, Can I
Join the Teacher Training?

Yes, it's possible. Let me explain.

Firstly, in the two months here, as you understand and practice teaching the postures, your own body will open significantly and your practice level will increase.

You will understand how to do postures for yourself first, then you will learn how to teach them. Postures you might not be able to do yet, you will still learn to teach, together with the ways of how to prepare and open your (and your students’) body to slowly move towards the postures you’re aiming for.

When you then start to teach in the world out there, I recommend start teaching a class that is equal to your level or below. Why not a beginners class? Or a “6 weeks to deeper backbends or open hips”? You’ll be comfortable doing the postures yourself, and the world needs more true beginners classes. They are so rewarding to teach, as often postures are not really explained in most classes.

Then over time, you can add other postures as your body opens and your level increases. I usually don’t recommend teaching postures that your body is not able to demonstrate comfortably yet, unless you’re in a private class, i.e.  a one on one, where it is sometimes possible to ‘coach’ somebody specifically with their own body. You will also learn how to do that here.


So be welcome to join us.

Please click here to view the full course content schedule


Daily Teacher Training Schedule

6 AMWake Up
7-9Class/Lecture/Students teaching
1030-1230 PMClass/Lecture/Students Teaching
2:30-3:30Group subject discussion \Reading\ Review of taught topics for in depth understanding

Self-Study, Homework, Class or Teaching Preparation


5:30-6Self-Practice (speaking out loud)

Come and discover the REAL Magic of Yoga as a lifestyle!

We are a Yoga Alliance Registered School and a YACEP (Continued Education Provider)

Our courses count toward YACEP requirements for YA Students. 

This training is also highly recommended to School owners who need to upgrade to the new YA 2021 500hr registration requirements.

Come and learn something extraordinary.

The AYA Promise


Practice teaching EVERY DAY!

You will have taught over 50 times during this Training, leading Asana, Meditations, philosophy, variations, adjustments, and much much more

Total of 420 hours of Yoga related study time

200 HOUR YOGA ALLIANCE CERTIFIED TEACHER TRAINING + 220hrs guided self-study, practice and class-preparation.

Leave here an EXCELLENT, EXPERIENCED teacher

Ready to take on any class with CONFIDENCE, GRACE and STYLE

Applied Anatomy and Practice Inspiration

Learn to teach an inspiring new approach to Yoga (OUR YOGA)

Practical application of Yoga philosophy

Experience it, live it and learn to teach it

Extra benefits

Besides classes, learn to teach alignment and philosophy workshops, privates and much more

“Xian, how can we ever go to another
‘normal’ Yoga class?
Who else teaches like this?”

“Maybe YOU!”