21 day Profoundly Deepen Your Practice Program

Join us for the Yoga Program where your practice and life transform forever!


“Profoundly Deepen Your Practice”

Take your (yoga) world and your SELF

to the next level

Highly personalized teachings, tiny groups for maximum attention

All inclusive with private accommodation $2700

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A Fabulous Opportunity



In this community living retreat space in the Nicaraguan jungle, among waterfalls and rivers, your practice and life will be transformed forever, no matter what your current style or level – while relaxing, recharging and unplugging in a stunning nature environment.

Come away from everything to find yourself

Allow us to truly transform your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Take it away and transform your life.

In this incredible retreat, you will learn the principles of alignment like never before, listen to mind and soul opening lectures on yoga philosophy and other spiritual subjects, and experience incredible Yogic Practices.

Learn all the things you always wanted to learn and ask all the questions you always wanted to ask about yoga and spirituality and get a the practical tools to take it all home with you.

Join this retreat to learn and to submerge yourself in a world of yoga you always hoped to be true, but never dreamed to be real.

Come and experience an exciting new approach to yoga that will leave you amazed and inspired every day, no matter if you are a beginner or yoga teacher.

Xian teaches an unexpected, brilliant new approach to feeling the body, tweaking the way postures are usually taught in just the slightest way, that will transform your practice forever!

I aim not to teach you just a Yoga class everyday, but I aim to teach you YOGA.

Please know that this is a very carefully designed comprehensive program of learning and experiencing, which has been tried and tested over many years. It is designed to open your Body, Mind, Spirit and energy channels, as well as to release mental, emotional and physical conditioning. Our communal life style, living close to nature, our vegan way of nourishing our body, strictly limited use of electronic devices, and our incredible nature setting, make this a truly unforgettable experience and an opportunity for deep personal transformation.

Please note, Xian will NOT teach you an exercise class, workout regime or studio yoga class every day. But she will systematically teach you yoga and help you transform your practice beyond what you ever thought possible, no matter if you are a beginner, advanced student or even yoga teacher.

We take no more than 6 students at a time.

We offer full personalized attention for every student. Allowing deep, individual and committed work with each and every student.

You will be working closely with a senior Yogi, alignment specialist and life transformer, to find YOUR way.


Take it to the next level, no matter your age, size, flexibility or level

A structured learning plan with a solid foundation

An inspirational new way of teaching


First Workshop Style

Please note that for the first 10 days you will not receive a traditional yoga class, but we will go step by step through individual postures and principles of alignment, one at a time, workshop style. Xian will explain and demonstrate, then you will experience the difference between how you used to do a posture and the way of XianYoga.

The basis for all: Standing and Sitting

First we cover the magic of alignment for standing as well as sitting comfortably cross legged (the basis for all postures, every day life, as well as meditation).

Alignment and movement principles of Postures

To follow are the categories of spinal movement including: forward bends, side bends, turns and back bends. Within these categories we will cover standing postures, sitting, kneeling as well as lying (front and back). You will learn the fundamental principles of XianYoga to feel fabulous and open in every single posture, with fully personalized attention to YOUR specific body. Focusing on alignment and elongation to allow full unrestricted breaths of air, and continuous opening of energy lines, through complete full journeys in and out of postures . You will understand many little magic tricks that are never taught in yoga classes which will transform your yoga practice forever.

Tiny changes, huge impact

Sometimes just unlocking the knees of hyper extended legs can banish a life time of lower back pain. Sometimes just ever so slightly rotating the hips just right, can realign your entire body for effortless sitting practice. Sometimes just pushing an arm or leg can transform the entire experience of a posture. Learn back bending without pain, and learn how to make your favorite postures even better! Lear about what YOUR body needs. These are not general Yoga classes, but highly personalized workshops. It’s truly fascinating.

Thorough and complete instructions

Many students have never been explained how to do a posture or transition, but are often simply trying to copy what the teacher or a yogi in a photo or video looks like or does. Many are unsure of how to do an asana (pose), where to feel the stretch or what the alignment principles behind the movements are, or what to do if discomfort is felt. At AYA you will intricately learn, understand and experience. You will have the chance to ask questions and work with Xian until we are sure you feel fabulous.

Full Daily Practice

With the basics covered, you will then continue with a full daily practice, as well as focusing on many areas by request such as hip-openers, shoulders, inversions, balancing postures, hand balance postures, headstands, handstands, and much more. You will learn how important tiny changes in posture are in terms of your arms, hands, head, rotations, and eyes.

Yoga classes also include daily meditations, pranayama and mudras – how to do them, why and when do to different kinds, why they are so fabulous, and many other exciting practices.


This is just the physical and energetic side of the Yoga. Additionally, four afternoons a week, Xian will give lectures and talks on Yoga Philosophy, History, how to incorporate Yoga into your every day life, and many other fascinating subjects.

Allow yourself to be inspired to experience Yoga all day long, not just the times on the mat.


Xian’s teachings will forever transform your practice.

If you are a beginner, advanced student or experienced Yoga teacher.

No matter your experience, tradition or style, everybody leaves the Ashram with lots of new knowledge and wonderful unexpected insights.


Every day we offer:

  • A 2 hour morning yoga class by Xian, 6 days a week, besides Asana this can include meditation, bandas, kriyas, mantras, lectures…)
  • 2 hour morning peer study/review group to further your own personal practice. Twice a week Xian will join this group for question and answers.
  • 1/2 hour guided library time
  • 1/2 hour each morning and afternoon self-practice
  • Afternoons: Four times a week Xian will give a lecture/workshop in the afternoon (below is a list of the inspiring workshops in Xian’s repertoire).
  • The other two afternoons every week, we have our wonderful sharing afternoons, where students share skills with each other. You don’t have to be a professional, it’s about sharing anything you love doing. It can be any imaginable thing! It does not have to be Yoga related! Painting? Martial Arts? Music? Spanish? Macrame? Tell a story, discuss something. Be free to share yourself.

Let’s make this space together and share the magic.

We have an endless pool of wonderful things to share…


An idea of a day at the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram


We have one day off a week. We will rest and will not be teaching. Residents can organize sharing events if they wish, go to the beach or other trips.

The school day off is the only day available to explore the beaches or near by towns.


6:00 AM


Wake up
6:30Self-practice, following Ashram suggested themes, routines and focus elements
7:00-9:00Yoga with Xian

Communal Breakfast

(see Food’ in Community and Guidelines for coming for more info)

10:30-12:30 PM


Students joint study group, discussing, reviewing the Ashram learning syllabus. Q&A with Xian twice a week
12:30-1:00Open library time, or researching given subjects
1:30Free time
3:00-5:00Afternoon workshop/lecture by Xian (4x a week) and group skill/knowledge sharing (2x a week)

A unique opportunity to really dive deep into the world that is YOGA


Extra workshops by Xian

Xian teaches a certain curriculum of workshops. Once that is completed, students can choose which additional workshops they would like to have during their stay
  • Playing with Intuition, manifestation & coincidences (as per www.whyyoudontneedshoes.com)
  • Fear Workshop – what is fear, where does it come from, how does it influence us, how can we let go of it?
  • Playfully let go of even the most intense emotions, thoughts, behaviour, conditionings
  • Yoga Principles, the way to a happier life, different Yoga systems/styles, 13 ways to enlightenment and much more
  • Feeling energies (everybody can feel energies)
  • Massage
  • Language/Art of Touch
  • Making dreamcatchers
  • Carving wooden spoons
  • Kirtan/Bhakti Yoga/Singing
  • Guitar Playing
  • Acroyoga (Xian is a certified teacher)
  • Energetic protection (and why you don’t need it)
  • Open discussion, death and reincarnation
  • Open discussion energies, entities, ghosts, visions
  • Art of Communication
  • Ayurveda (ancient science of health through food)
  • Chakras
  • Healing and Reiki
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Contact Dance
  • Chocolate making
  • Relish, jam, chutney making
  • Bread baking
  • Circus skills, juggling

21 day Program vs. 10 Day Program

The 21 day program as opposed to the 10 day program, allows you plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere and live what you learn, allowing you to embody the teachings to the fullest. The guided study time in the mornings allows for review time of postures, fascinating discussions, time to make your own Ayurvedic life plan, make your own sequences and much more. You’ll have time to enjoy the grounds and partake in our community sharing afternoons.
The 10 day program is designed for people that do not have much time. It’s jam packed with workshops, classes and lectures back to back. Giving you access to all the 21 day retreat information in just 10 days. But there’ll be little time for anything else. This is the intensive fast track program.

Please see About Us for more information why the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram is so  different to an ordinary Yoga school.

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We are a Yoga Alliance Registered School and a YACEP (Continued Education Provider)
Our courses count toward Continued Education requirements for Students,
existing Teachers and School owners (to comply with new YA 2021 500hr registration requirements).
Come and learn something extraordinary.